The Commitment

UA Construction Company's overall objective is to construct within each established budget, complete on or ahead of the construction schedule and as a result to provide our clients with successful projects of the highest quality. Our experience, dedication and knowledge of construction have provided us with satisfied customers for over 16 years.

The Process

  Phase 1

1.    Complete an estimate to include all clients’ desires and        requirement
2.    Evaluate project sites.
3.    Study project sites/blueprints and assess costs for all        labor and material, including:
          -Most economic construction methods, specifications and            details.
          -Alternate material selections.

4.    Prepare detailed preliminary cost estimates.
5.    Prepare detailed preliminary construction schedules.
6.    Review detailed finish specifications.

  Phase 2

1.    Review cost studies of Phase I alternatives.
2.    Prepare an estimate in accordance with owner’s budget        and utilize variables presented at proposals.
3.    Select lists of qualified manpower.
4.    Select qualified materials; determine availability and best        price for construction schedules.

  Phase 3

Conduct pre-construction conferences with the appropriate personnel to discuss all the pertinent aspects of each project in detail.

1.    Furnish, evaluate, and coordinate a final construction        schedule between all involved parties.
2.    Set up field offices with facilities.
3.    Furnish experienced superintendents for the overall field        supervision and coordinate manpower to assure each        project progress strictly complies with the time schedule        and cost control.
4.    Furnish dependable suppliers for delivery of materials.
5.    Supervise and process all change orders, modifications or        substitutions.

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